(keitai-l) Re: Mobile gaming (java) in Japan vs Rest of world ?

From: <alex_at_mo-style.com>
Date: 12/12/03
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

> Am asking because I'm based in SE Asia and really don't see
> much demand for J2ME games, or even particularly for Nokia's
> Ngage.  Am not sure if this is the same for Europe too.

Where in SE Asia are you?  Looking at how things are going in HK, Taiwan,
Singapore or even here in Australia, you may not necessarily see a lot of
people on the streets playing mobile games but judging from sales - the
demand is certainly there.

A little extra marketing wouldn't hurt though.  With mobile games, consumers
generally only stumble across them when they go into a mobile phone shop,
see an advert in some men's magazine or receive some directmail from their
carrier.  Although Hong Kong's SmartTone did a great job promoting their new
iN (mobile internet/entertainment) portal.  They set up a stall in Lan Kwai
Fong (the bar district) with pretty girls in short skirts giving
demonstrations of the games and services on handsets.

If you look at the number of ringtone/wallpaper/games portals popping up all
over SE Asia, and check out all their games available you could say there is
an oversupply of J2ME games at the moment.  80%+ of them are of fairly low
quality and are the same crap that's floated over to SE Asia from Europe or
USA.  (Not to say that EU or USA games are crap, but just that hobbyist
games that were made back when J2ME was starting out are still floating
around on pay sites).

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