(keitai-l) Re: Mobile gaming (java) in Japan vs Rest of world ?

From: L. Cosh-Ishii, Wireless Watch Japan <lcosh-ishii_at_wirelesswatchjapan.com>
Date: 12/16/03
Message-ID: <010d01c3c3a3$af47a6e0$0401a8c0@videolink>

Just wondering, are their any online demos of such games ?
(not necessarily interactive). Am particularly interested
in the state of 3D rendering on mobiles.

We have streaming video demo of Ridge Racer here (Watch Preview)
Test Drive on Sharp's J-SH53 Handset
Take a 2 hour trip to Tokyo - compressed into a 3 minute time lapse - and
check out Vodafone's answer to the 505i series. Boasting a 256k capable java
appli that makes the '53 a perfect gaming device, its little wonder that
companies like Namco and Taito have lined up some great content for the
early adopters. Perhaps most impressive was how clean the 3D Polygon
graphics look on that QVGA screen, pardon us for almost forgetting this unit
was also the first mega-pixel camera phone on the market to boot. Its not
all just games either, a couple of sexy voice recognition functions are on
tap in this demo as well, so buckle up for a great ride..!!

best regards,

L. Cosh-Ishii
Received on Tue Dec 16 09:11:06 2003