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From: Jeroen Elfferich <jeroen_at_exmachina.nl>
Date: 12/16/03
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I believe I saw a demo of such a game by David Colier (now at Namco) where
you would take snapshots to feed a Tamagotchi-like creature. I.e. if you
would photograph a red truck, it would take the color red and turn it into a
strawberry to feed. I think that game was in Japan.

I also heard about a fox-hunt game in Europe where people took MMS pictures
as proof they 'captured' their target, but it seemed not to be embedded in
the game application itself.


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Are any of you aware of any mobile games that involve
users taking photos with their phones to achieve
objectives in the game? I had heard that such a game
was currently popular in China, but I haven't been
able to learn any details.


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