(keitai-l) Re: The specification of FOMA 900i

From: Julien Quint <quint_at_nii.ac.jp>
Date: 12/18/03
Message-Id: <506D9256-30FC-11D8-9075-000A956ABB8E@nii.ac.jp>
On Dec 18, 2003, at 7:13 AM, Giovanni Bertani wrote:
> Sharp has a new technology that let's you read MS Office
> attachments on your phone.

Is it their SVG implementation that will be available on their V601SH 
phone for Vodafone?


Quote from the article: "Starting in early 2004, users of the V601SH 
handset will be able to open email attachments — office documents, like 
PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc… converted to Mobile SVG 
and delivered wirelessly."

That would be quite nice to see DoCoMo adopt SVG, and not just for 
opening MS and PDF files...


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