(keitai-l) Re: keitais killing digital consumer cameras (Ore more) softly

From: Tom Hume <tom_at_futureplatforms.com>
Date: 12/22/03
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On 22 Dec 2003, at 14:57, Gerhard Fasol wrote:

> Japan is about 3 years ahead, if you look at imode/Vodafone-Live,
> (i-mode started in February 1999).

In roll-out and "social acceptance of mobile" terms, yes; but in terms 
of the cost of building phones with cameras in them, is there really 
that much difference? Is a cameraphone more expensive for Nokia to 
produce today than it is for Sharp?

> What's economical in Japan is not necessarily economic in Europe.
> For example, in Europe low-paying pre-pay is quite strong, while
> there are very few pre-pay users in Japan. ARPU in Japan is a lot
> higher than in Europe overall, therefore the economics are not
> the same in Europe and Japan.

I don't see how this is relevant to handset features, as such (if 
they're desirable in their own right). For instance, the example of 
handsets which can only store photos on memory cards: these won't make 
any difference to ARPU but have still been rolled out.

Can you explain to me in more detail how the strength of pre-pay in 
Europe means that we won't see better quality cameras over here for 
another 3 years?

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