(keitai-l) HTTP_USER_AGENT

From: Christopher Kobayashi <chriskk_at_pixi.com>
Date: 01/01/04
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Hi all, Happy New Year!!
I stumbed across a mobile web-based application called WINKsite
(http://winksite.com/), and trying to work with them to get their service
working on my Vodafone keitai Sanyo model J-SA05.

Some questions:
- Does anyone know about Vodafone's keitai browsers or where I could get
more information? 
- Any specifics out there on their version of HTML?
- Is this publicly available or does one need to be a authorized developer?

From google searches I was able to get various CGI variables such as
HTTP_USER_AGENT J-PHONE/3.0/phone_model.
I used the following site to get the various CGI variables:

Also, found a bit more about their version of HTML called something like For
Vodafone Live HTML in Japanese. Similar to iMode's cHTML.
(info in Japanese)

chriskk @ pixi.com
Received on Thu Jan 1 21:10:11 2004