(keitai-l) Interactive radio and DVB TV on Nokia Phones

From: Giovanni Bertani <giovanni.bertani_at_exsense.com>
Date: 01/21/04
Message-Id: <F5B3C6DC-4BEB-11D8-B3DB-0030654D4E80@exsense.com>
Take a look this looks interesting:

The 7700's special application is the so-called "visual radio" 
function, of which more later. The media device is also the first 
mobile phone that has the technical wherewithal to enable viewing of 
digital TV transmissions, when it is hooked up with the Nokia Streamer, 
a mobile IP Datacast receiver using the DVB-H standard.
A pilot network in the Greater Helsinki area is currently examining how 
well video and audio can be streamed to mobile devices. Test 
transmissions are scheduled to start in the autumn. The venture is a 
collaboration between Digita, the commercial TV broadcasters MTV3 and 
Nelonen, Nokia, telecoms operators Radiolinja and TeliaSonera, and the 
Finnish Broadcasting Company (see linked press release below).

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