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From: Gerhard Fasol <fasol_at_eurotechnology.com>
Date: 01/22/04
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1. No you are not dreaming, yes you can do that.
2. Illegal? no not that I know of, you are buying the phones -
    like you buy shoes in the shoe shop - they are also yours 100%.
    when  you buy a DoCoMo/AU etc phone in the shop, you
    buy the phone. Its yours.
    If you buy a DoCoMo 3G phone, you'll need to give the
    SIM card back when you cancel. Actually, you can cancel
    without the phone, all you need is the SIM card to cancel,
    that you must bring back to the shop.
3. However, once the phone is disconnected, all network
    services are dead. No imode, no email, etc. A lot of
    the content, e.g. iappli are digital rights managed
    and you can't get them in or out of the phone.

Cable and memory card only work for phone book content,
photos etc. not for digital rights controlled content.


Mathieu Castelli wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to buy some very latest phones from the 3 (Au, Do, Vo).
> Basically, I'd happy just to get them, cancel the subscription, and bring them 
> home to developp content. Am I dreaming ? I know it's possible on Au, but 
> have heard of no experience on the other two. What do you think?
> Also, can I be confident that all recent models have a way to be uploaded 
> contents (ring tone, java appli, picture, flash animation) through cable ?
> Finally, would any of that be illegal ?
> Thank you for any answer,
> Mathieu
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