(keitai-l) Re: chaku-melo vs. chaku-uta

From: Andrea Hoffmann <ah_at_anima.de>
Date: 01/26/04
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Dear Alexei,

> the fact that the higher-speed EV-DO (2.4Mbps) would give KDDI an 
> advantage
> to
> make a full use of Chaku-movie comparing with other carriers (both DoCoMo
> and
> Vodafone's W-CDMA networks run at 386Kbps) still getting their networks
> up to KDDI's speeds.

I agree! One advantage of KDDI has been their large 3G user base ahead of 
Docomo and Vodafone. But they were also the ones who took the risk in 
launching Chaku-uta with Label Mobile. Initially doubts existed whether 
the service will catch on, because of its relatively expensive 
subscription fees. Now of course everybody wants to jump onto the train ;-)

However, as your article also correctly describes, Docomo's chaku motion 
is said to deliver maximum 45-60 sec clips whereas au/KDDI offers maximum 
30 seconds. In order to again win the race, Docomo seems to aim at making 
a better use of its 3G network than KDDI, despite its slower max download 
speed. We will see how it actually works out once Docomo launches the 

I like your article, its well researched and presented. I wonder though if 
I can agree with your conclusion that Chaku melo's distribution (= the old 
format) won't decline over time and that both services will co-exist for a 
long time. At least for those people who already have a chaku uta/movie 
compatible phone, I honestly doubt this. Ever since I tried some of those 
chaku-uta/movie songs, I don't want any chaku-melo anymore ;-)

Received on Mon Jan 26 10:07:28 2004