(keitai-l) Re: Banking services on Keitai

From: Ken Chang <carigate_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 01/29/04
Message-ID: <20040129172833.39714.qmail@web13122.mail.yahoo.com>
passbook is a good old thing that I like.

banking was the service number one that DoCoMo promoted heavily in
1999.  there was a TV commercial showing a pretty teenager girl
doing bank transfer in a hair salon.

it's relatively easy to interface to the major credit cards but
I have never seen the specification of a banking network.

the technical part shouldn't be difficult.  NTT Data just finished
a new "integrated ATM system" which replaces the BANCS, ACS, SCS,
SOCS, LONGS, and MICS (interworking) networks connecting some 130
financial institutes and 80,000 ATMs in Japan.

you only need to add one more ATM, a secure server interfacing to
the wireless network.

btw, there are many reports these days on banking system failures.
a laugh is some Windows computers got affected by virus!

forget address books, it should be a good idea to harvest log files
of some nodes in the network, a gold mine literally.  though you
cannot beam the files back directly, you can put them temporarily
on affected computers until somebody takes his notebook out and
connect to the Internet.

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