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From: William Volk <bvolk_at_zipproof.com>
Date: 03/25/04
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I think David's post are excellent and spot on correct.

After 15 months of work producing a chat/im client and a multiplayer
game for mobile devices I have the same beliefs.

Mobile applications have their own 'voice' and just cramming an existing
app ... game or productivity ... won't work.

I'm now working on stuff that meets a simple goal ... it's BETTER on the
phone than it would be on something else (Gameboy or even computer).

Too many things on the phones are ...

Just Like A Gameboy (or Computer) ... but Worse.

There's a lot about Mobile devices that make them ideal for applications
that really help people out.  More on this as the development of these
items proceeds.

Bill Volk

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> The guys that created this browser are no doubt real bright and I wish
> them the best of luck - I'm sure they have a market.
> My bias/position comes from the desire to move mobility specific apps
> forward rather then squeezing the web into a small window. That
> never works on the long term. Sure reading a doc is nice but a 25 page
> doc or a site with flash designed for a large screen with perhaps a
> popup or two thrown in. I want to see new uses emerge specific to
> and designed for mobile.

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