(keitai-l) operators performance in March

From: Ken Chang <carigate_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 04/07/04
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
the TCA published the official statistics today.  au/KDDI topped 
every category, but DoCoMo performed almost as well in absolute 
numbers (DoCoMo has 2.7 times more subscribers). 

new subs: au 475,700; DoCoMo 412,800 
new 3G subs: au cdma2000 742,800; DoCoMo FOMA 723,800 

DoCoMo did a good job with new 900i handsets.  but nevertheless, 
it's in the same decline slop as the last year, loosing further 
0.17% of market share (0.52% in the first quarter). 

i-mode still has a lot of problems, especially the i-mode mail 
which is by far inferior compared with au/KDDI and Vodafone.jp. 
(the decomail is a good thing). 

since March is usually the best month of the year that DoCoMo adds 
most subscribers, it doesn't look they are turning the tide. 


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