(keitai-l) Re: Keitai email addresses

From: <Martyn_Williams_at_idg.com>
Date: 04/16/04
Message-ID: <OF57533ED7.7DC166A0-ON49256E78.0039C7EA-49256E78.0039EC40@idg.com>

Cellphones have a regular e-mail address. This isn't SMS or anything. You
can send an e-mail from (almost) any Internet connected e-mail box just
like you send to anyone else.


"Scarface" <scarface@gamebox.net> wrote on 04/16/2004 16:41:13:

> I just want to send emails from PC to any keitai, so i need one of these
> domains.
> What do you mean by Yes and No?
> Do you think forging the send/return address will work?
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