(keitai-l) Re: China adding the 300Mth cellular subscriber

From: Arjen van Blokland <ab_at_104.com>
Date: 04/27/04
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Huge market but where is the money?

Look at Nokia and Motorola who poured lots of money and resources in the 
Chinese market. It worked well in the late 90s, but nowadays Chinese 
handset vendors have more than 50% of the market, and Nokia and Motorola's 
share are less than 10%. Absolute sales number are now much higher though. 
Chinese handset vendors are marketing/planning companies who outsource 
design/manufacturing and only do the marketing. Guess who indirectly 
financed the know-how used in those design shops.

You can find a more detailed article about this in the wireless watch 
newsletter at www.japaninc.com.

Arjen van Blokland

At 04:05 04/04/27, you wrote:
 >is there anyone doing business in China?
 >China is a huge market for the equipment and handset manufacturers.
 >I think they will develop Internet services after SMS, but I don't
 >know when and how, which I'd like to find out soon, with my bias.
 >would bother share with me a piece of mind what you are thinking?
 >please contact me offline but I'm obliged to summarize and post
 >what I learn from list members back to the list.
 >many thanks in advance
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