(keitai-l) Re: Can any of the dual GSM/CDMA phones be used overseas on other networks ?

From: <charlie_at_skinnyhippo.com>
Date: 06/20/04
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Thanks for the succinct answer, Kyle :)

>> pps. If J2ME games can also be supported and transferred
>>      to the device via a memory card (and no network plan),
>>      even better :)
> No

So, given the entirety of my original question, I understand
this blanket reply to confirm that:
(a) GSM SIM cards from non-Vodafone MNOs (mobile network
    operators) can not be used with the phone, as I
(b) ALL digital media (audio, video, games) to be
    played/consumed/enjoyed on the device can ONLY
    be transferred to the keitai via network download
    over a telecommunications network (Au/Vodafone/DoCoMo).
    (As opposed to, say, downloading a music file or
    video clip) to a PC then transferring to memory stick
    to insert into phone, thereby bypassing network download).

Or, were you referring just to the j2me games ?

Thank you for the clarification,

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