(keitai-l) TIM Italy blocking all SMSs from Vodafone UK due to SPAM problem

From: Giovanni Bertani <giovanni.bertani_at_exsense.com>
Date: 06/29/04
Message-Id: <48464537-C9BC-11D8-BE1A-000A95DA29F0@exsense.com>
TIM confirmed on Thursday it had suspended text services with  
Vodafone's UK division until the end of the month. "TIM blocked the  
phones to undertake technical checks after receiving several fake  
messages on its system," it stated.

"The network will be back to normal on July 1."

In response to spiraling complaints that messages between Vodafone UK  
and TIM phones were being sent and received erratically at best, TIM  
has sent some of its subscribers the following text message:

Mobile phone spam -- unsolicited messages sent direct to customer  
handsets -- is not as pressing a problem as its e-mail cousin. But some  
experts warn it is on the increase and could jeopardize mobile  
communications channels one day.

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