(keitai-l) fujitsu Foma 900i? touchscreen

From:  D__C  <dc_at_wm.namco.co.jp>
Date: 07/07/04
Message-Id: <20040707162616.22D1.DC@wm.namco.co.jp>
The new Fujitsu FOMA phone has a touchscreen you can write on.

I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a java API to this, or it is
just for the native apps that ship pre-installed on the phone? I would
like a kanji recognition app and wonder if this will come along at any
point. The current apps are just for doodling etc.

Since it is symbian, its theoretically possible for aftermarket native
apps, but i imagine symbian/docomo have locked out much chance of this,
unfortunately. This is one area where i like the euro symbian phones
better - potential for aftermarket native apps.


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