(keitai-l) Re: BREW (was kddi + opera)

From: <bvolk_at_bonusmobile.com>
Date: 08/30/04
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I live in San Diego, land of BREW ... so I get exposed to a lot of the
BREW scene.

1. Not all CDMA phones run BREW.  In the USA Verizon runs BREW.  Sprint,
#2 carrier, runs under CDMA ... but used J2ME MIDP apps.

2. BREW is a "walled garden."  Users can only download apps from the
built in "Get It Now" menu ... no WAP/Browser based downloads ... no
SMS-Push.  There's talk of implementing SMS-Push down the road.

3. Word is that the revenue is net 60 to 90 days.  That's what other
people tell me.

4. All that being said, being a member of the Activision Alumni
Association ('88 to '94) means that I know some of the folks at Jamdat
and they tell me that they make a bunch of cash on their BREW apps.  The
mainstay of their business I'd guess.

5. There's been continuing talk of a J2ME implementation as a BREW
addon, but I have yet to see a JVM out there.

6. Opera rocks.  I'm running it on the Nokia 6600 and it works
incredibly well.  This is a Symbian GSM phone.

Nik wrote:
> With over 55 million customers, I am not quite sure that DoCoMo has
> 'surpassed' by au's 17 million yet ;-)
> And correct me if I am wrong, but Brew is only available on Qualcomm
> chipsets the last I heard, and the big Q has never been really shy
> suing anyone they believe are infringing their IPR, so I am wondering
> where I can openly access their Brew sourcecode? 'Open Source' seems
> a difficult thing to credit Brew as. If they are talking about their
> development tool being given away at no cost to developers, this is
> somewhat different from 'open source.' The fact that to put a Brew app
> costs about $500 a pop to do, by paying a designated provider to do
> proprietary testing, also makes me think that aside from their lack of
> open sourcecode, the spirit of open source is not even there.
> Too bad Opera felt the need to embellish the truth (or to allow
> to do it for them), since Kyle is right: It is a great browser, at
> the version available on Air H".
> Best,
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