(keitai-l) Re: kddi + opera

From: Ken Chang <carigate_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 08/30/04
Message-ID: <20040830082759.58512.qmail@web13125.mail.yahoo.com>
I don't think any of the big threes likes Opera browser.  that's 
the meaning when I say "i-mode is no more than a copy of WAP". 

but if we have no choice but Opera, au/KDDI may be the first to 
adopt it with the efficient cdma network ... or may be SOFTBANK? 

in Japan, PHS is more in the same market as WLAN than cellular. 

when doing business, it's only one of many considerations that 
your provider/customer is a monopoly and have a strong position. 
it's a minor concern your partner earns more than average profit. 

BREW is five times faster than Java, but I'm afraid the window is 
closing when we already have good 3D Java games on Vodafone.jp and 
DoCoMo handsets.  Vodafone.jp is the best - they are "half BREW". 

also, au/KDDI's advantage is narrowing when DoCoMo users shifting 
to FOMA in volume - DoCoMo have now 1/3 as many 3G subscribers. 

au/KDDI is somewhat similar to Vodafone.jp in that they both have 
formidable weapons but failed to use them in maximum efficiency. 

the old J-Phone was different.  they didn't have as good conditions 
but they made wonders.  I think it'll still take some time for 
Vodafone to understand the real value of the company they bought. 

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