(keitai-l) DoCoMo M-Stage V-Live service

From: Diana I <pockacho_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 09/07/04
Message-ID: <20040907145145.14307.qmail@web52304.mail.yahoo.com>
Hi All,

Michael, 10x for the reply :)

I'm trying to find out, if it is possible for the FOMA
user to access streaming video content by clicking on
a link in i-mode cHTML site.
At the DoCoMo's site it is said:
"Both open and closed M-stage V-Live content is
provided through the infogate(TM) portal site"
and also
"To view both open and closed content, users can dial
specific M-Stage V-Live access numbers or click the
"AV phone to" icon on the official i-mode website  for
connection to a designated videophone line"
So I think that it is possible but I can't find the
Can you help?
I'm also not sure what infogate portal site and i-mode
official site mean. Can I access this sites from the
web or a DoCoMo subscription is needed?

10x in advance, 

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