(keitai-l) in a bit of a jam

From: Thomas O'Dowd <tom_at_uwillsee.com>
Date: 10/29/04
Message-Id: <1099022940.2735.91.camel@beast>
Hi all,

Digging into DoJa3.0 here. I'm trying out some of the APIs to do with
classes MessageAgent and Message. Compiles fine. Downloads fine, but
running it throws a SecurityException. I guess that I'm missing a
key/value pair in my JAM file. Any ideas what it could be? Where is
there a list of updated JAM key/value pairs for DoJa3.0? I can't even
find it in Japanese. Note that I'm using Linux for development so I
don't have access to the DoCoMo dev kit unfortunately.

Any pointers?

Received on Fri Oct 29 07:09:07 2004