(keitai-l) Re: Can I connect to 2 servers in iAppli

From: Paul Lester <paul_at_thetamusic.com>
Date: 10/29/04
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    Well if you have control over one of the servers.  You can have your server
contact an large number of servers (much more than 2) and send all the information
back to your iappli.  In that way you can avoid having the appli contact more than 1 server.

    To paraphrase... if you have permission to put whatever code you want on the
server your i-appli is downloaded from you should be able to solve the problem
without having to have the i-appli contact multiple servers.

Claus Hoefele wrote:

> Java applications that are "i-appli DX" can connect to several
> servers. However this kind of  feature is restricted to Java
> applications from the official i-mode menu. The concept was introduced
> in DoJa 3.0 (505i series).
> See http://www.nttdocomo.com/presscenter/pressreleases/press/pressrelease.html?param[no]=218
> BR,
> Claus
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