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Date: 11/11/04
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I have seen Flash used to preview a JAVA application, so one could see
how the app worked before downloading (and paying) for it.  The JAVA app
I saw previewed in this manner (and have saved as "screen shots" in my
keitai) provides the user information on how to get from one (train)
station to another, including times, fares, and train lines.

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flash is being used quite a bit now. Either as full screen like the
docomo 900i homepage or inline as ads / banner. Ive seen plenty of cute
animations and a few games. motorola and apple have agreed to produce a
flash based itunes for their next gen phones.

to produce flash lite you need to download flash mx from macromedia.
they site also has a docomo demo zip with apps and banners. its very
easy to produce animations and the flash is embedded as per web.

p.s. the v800 is a nice phone...


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> Has anyone seen any material/statistics/data/anything at all about all

> of the Macromedia Flash content that DoCoMo claims is being used? I 
> know that something like half a dozen of their handsets have Flash 
> Lite embedded - what are people doing with it? Funky animations/jokes?

> Quick-to-knock-up apps like weather tickers etc? Games?
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