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From: Kyle Barrow <kyle_at_pukupi.com>
Date: 11/15/04
Message-Id: <D31AD74E-36C5-11D9-9F91-000A95D6A470@pukupi.com>
I have never owned a Motorola mobile but I do remember one of the 
interface gurus over at Ivrea used to challenge students to find the 
address book on hers so perhaps a Sony Ericsson with A1000 specs is 
what I'm really lusting for.

Back in the real world, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the 
802SE (Sony Ericsson V800 everywhere else) when Vodafone Japan releases 
a new batch of 3G mobiles later this year.


On 2004 Nov 15, , at 11:12, Frengle, Nik, VF-JP wrote:

> Kyle,
> Lets hope the A1000 is substantially better than the A925 was: This 
> was probably the worst experience as a user that I have had with a 
> mobile phone. While I don't own a PDA, I can't imagine it being very 
> high on the PDA user experience either: Crashes were constant, battery 
> recharge necessity the only speedy thing about it, and buggy little 
> features that reminded me that this was not a phone, not even a PDA, 
> but a little computer, which showed me the command line when it was 
> unhappy, all made it painful.
> I think that, if this phone was any indicator, Symbian still has a way 
> to go before it will ever make my own lust list. The Java model, 
> sitting on top of a rock-solid RTOS just seems to work better for 
> adding functionality.
> Best,
> Nik

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