(keitai-l) iAppli for frequently updated stock quotes

From: Nikhil Mungikar <nikhil_at_fideltech.com>
Date: 11/23/04
Message-ID: <004201c4d137$f407e0e0$1501a8c0@nikhil>
hello friends,
My name is Nikhil.
I am developing an iApplication which will frequently update the live quotes
of the stock market.
I am new to this technology and not sure about, wheather we can do the
socket connection in iAppli. Because there no Socket class in J2ME (if i m

Server for this project is a streaming server which will push the data after
every say 10 ms.

Do anyboday have idea how to aprroach for the development of this project.
One thing is clear in my mind is i have to use iAplli not midlet or other
browser based application.

Received on Tue Nov 23 10:36:18 2004