(keitai-l) Re: economist link

From: Petri Ojala <ojala_at_iki.fi>
Date: 12/07/04
Message-Id: <33A690E0-4878-11D9-AC7D-000A95C45E6A@iki.fi>
> When you ask "when will carriers add things that benefit consumers ?"
> it is quite clear that no company likes to destroy value. People are
> happy now with
> the prices, why bother if no competitive solution arises ? It is the
> same story with
> the outrageous SMS prices in Europe. Why not proper e-mail or lower 
> prices?

I haven't checked the European market at large but at least the local 
GSM carriers are nowadays offering subscriptions that include a large 
number of SMS messages in the basic price, e.g. 8.10 e/month that 
includes 900 SMS's.

"Proper e-mail" is just a matter of time -- or education, the problem 
is that carrier has very little value to offer there and thus very 
little revenue opportunity.  Many/most phones offer standard Internet 
e-mail client support and there are number of options to get an e-mail 
account on the network.  Add GPRS and you've got a proper e-mail and 
the carrier will get peanuts compared to their old-age SMS fees.

Back in the old time there were e-mail services that had per message 
charges and Internet connections were charged by the minute.  
Eventually everything merged into fixed price, always available 
broadband connections.  There's a clear analog to the mobile world..

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