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From: Brock, Gavin [IT] <gavin.brock_at_nikkocitigroup.com>
Date: 12/17/04
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The V702NK (aka 6630) is definitely not user unlockable today, but probably will be soon:

Anyone know if you can pay Vodafone themselves to unlock any of the phones? I know you can soon buy the unlocked 6630 for just over 60,000 yen.

(BTW, apart from being locked, the V702NK is a very sweet device - especially for the gaijin geek market)


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Does anyone know if the news 3G roaming phones (WCDMA/GSM dual mode) from Vodafone Japan and DoCoMo (N900IG) can be unlocked and operated with an alternative providers SIM/USIM?

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