(keitai-l) Re: SVG-T on V902SH and V802SE

From: George Arriola <lowsrc_at_adobe.com>
Date: 01/26/05
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In terms of testing your content - the Ikivo engine is put through a REALLY
nasty set of test suites before released to the device / public. They do a
good job of QE'ing the user experience.
We know (the W3C / OMA) that MACR has not run their Flash.lite client
through the full test suite (including all the W3C new ones), and upon
request by the W3C to get their benchmarks report, MACR refused to share
their findings / details.

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On 1/25/05 6:14 AM, "D_C" <d3ntaku@gmail.com> wrote:

> Kyle -
> I guess this site poses your question... (via your blog) -
> http://svg.org/special/svg_phones
> so i guess Sharp V902, V601 japan models, do have SVG support... have
> you tried it out? I mean to test one out, i heard the flash player is
> not so stable. But at least with one of these WCMDA phones people can
> try and debug their mobile flash content in europe (i found the winCE
> player is very different from the KDDI/DOcomo players, but wonder
> where sharp fits, esp if they have frankensteined SVG in there too).
> /dc
> On Tue, 18 Jan 2005 03:36:17 +0900, Kyle Barrow <kyle@pukupi.com> wrote:
>> Can anybody confirm whether the V902SH and V802SE mobiles are using
>> Flash Lite's internal SVG-T support or some other SVG-T player to
>> render SVG-T content?
>> Cheers
>> Kyle
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