(keitai-l) Re: Vodafone does FeliCa

From: Mohit Sindhwani <mohits_at_onghu.com>
Date: 03/03/05
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Hi Niji,

I'll pick the latter - I don't live in Japan :)

So, if I understand your point, it's basically to get subscribers to 
switch to vodafone..?


niji wrote:

>Surely you can see the benefit of felica to vodafone.
>If you cant, then obviously you don't live in japan.
>Within 18 months, there are two things happening:
>1. number portability
>2. money on  keitai
>Any carrier that can not prepare for these, will not be here in 24 months.
>On 05.03.02 00:39, "Mohit Sindhwani" <mohits@onghu.com> wrote:
>>OK, I've been reading all this about stuff about Vodafone adopts Felica :)
>>Simple Question: What's in it for Vodafone?  Does it add to their
>>revenue stream in any way?
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