(keitai-l) Installing symbian native apps on Vodafone 702NK

From: <Richard.Morgan_at_sybase.com>
Date: 03/22/05
Message-ID: <[email protected].com>
Hi All,

I have recently got a Vodafone 702NK (Nokia 6630) phone, which gives access
to a real Symbian environment for development. However, I am unable to
install any applications as it gives me a secuity error. Some searching on
the net shows that this seems to be a newish Symbian thing to force all
apps to be signed to avoid malware. There are recommendations for adding a
self signed certificate but the phone won't let me add any certificates
(the options menu on the certificate page does not have an ADD option) .
There is also some mention of a "Developer Certificate" but I can find
nothing concrete on how to apply.
If I use makekeys to create a key/cert pair and add them to the sis file it
does not help (not surprisingly but it was worth a try)
I am using CodeWarrior C++ 2.8 for Symbian with the 2nd Edition FP 2 SDK.

So: Has any one tried this? Am I doing something stupid?

Thanks Richard
Received on Tue Mar 22 11:06:07 2005