(keitai-l) Fukuoka Kyushu 3G Vodafone coverage

From: nick may <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 05/14/05
Message-Id: <f21ae166881f2d13d0679c38a16f2aea@kyushu.com>
A little while ago there was a lengthy list bleat (in which I 
cheerfully baa'd myself...) about Vodafone 3G coverage. I wanted to 
know whether the problems were as bad as folklore had it, particularly 
down here in Sunny Fuk.

So: for the record, and for people this end of Japan (north Kyushu) I 
will post my experiences of a 702NK handset.

It is pretty good in Fukuoka City - mostly all bars.  (For some reason 
it does fall off rather in my centrally located apartment - one bar but 
is quite usable. Curiously, it is all bars at my apartment door.)

Here are various places I have tried it, intended to give a "feel" for 

Keya Beach: no problems (30k outside city)
Shima/Itoshima : fine (countryside)
Karatsu and coast road to Karatsu: fine

Amagi and rail-line to Amagi (wends through countryside): no problems.

Koishiwara: small mountain village deep in countryside two hours south 
of city: 1 bar - but fully functional.

It did lose signal once, high on a desolate mountain road on the way to 
Koishiwara - but picked it up again quickly enough.

I have not tried it on any of the outlying islands - but for ordinary, 
everyday usage in and around the city - no problems to date.

So - don't let coverage put you off unless you have specialised needs - 
but DO check it works in your apartment.


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