(keitai-l) Re: QR UE

From: Curt Sampson <cjs_at_cynic.net>
Date: 06/02/05
Message-ID: <Pine.NEB.4.62.0506020814040.5756@angelic.cynic.net>
On Wed, 1 Jun 2005, Darren wrote:

> make sure your camera lens is switched to detailed - flower icon

That's actually "macro" mode: it changes the focus of the lens so that
things very close to the lens will be in better focus, at the expense of
things further away being less in focus.

So you do want to use it if it's a small QR code a dozen centimeters
away from your lens. You don't if it's a large one a meter or two away.

For something 30 cm. away, you'll need to switch back and forth and see
which looks more in focus.

It occurs to me, too, that one reason some of the newer phones may be
better is that they have higher-resolution cameras.

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