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From: Manish Prabhune <manish.prabhune_at_gmail.com>
Date: 06/06/05
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Hey, I tried scanning that one too. Well it failed in dark even though it 
had good backlit.
But I tried one day in the morning and IT WORKED. 
 Well there is also a blog which has the photograph of the Shinbashi QR-code 
and to confirm things, the QR-code can be read off even from the digital 
camera image he 
has uploaded there.. try it at the below URL

 On 6/6/05, Christopher Kobayashi <chriskk@gmail.com> wrote: 
> > Oh, I also want to make it clear again that whether you want to use this
> > mode has nothing to do with whether or not you are scanning QR codes. If
> > the QR code is big and far away (such as the one on a large poster that
> > used to be in the door of a nearby AM-PM) you do not want to be using
> > macro mode.
> Speaking of big and far, there was a huge backlit QR code ad sign at
> Shimbashi station a couple of months ago, and we couldn't scan it at
> night. It looked good visually with a nice contrasting white backlit,
> but the light made the QR code unreadable by the keitai(AU talby). The
> QR code just looked like a big black box on screen; therefore, the
> software couldn't figure it out. We didn't try the nightshot mode ...
> hmmm I wonder if that would've worked, or if that option even exists.
> On an AU W21S, the QR code is an appli called 2D Code Reader, and
> doesn't have any options to change the camera settings. I tried
> changing the settings before starting the appli, but that doesn't work
> either. I'm not sure what kind of appli the tably uses.
> chriskk
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