(keitai-l) Re: Small Phones Not Popular in Japan?

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Date: 06/14/05
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Probably the profanity filter starting up ;)

> In one case, it happened in the middle of a phone call, so the phone
was definitely not dropped, exposed to water, or anything like that


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On Tue, 14 Jun 2005, Kyle Barrow wrote:

> You appear to be the perfect candidate for mobile destructive testing 
> ;) Is it always the screen that dies?

Almost invariably. Usually it's obviously smashed, but I've also had two
instances where the screen on my F505i turned just plain white but the
phone otherwise appeared to be functioning normally. In one case they
wanted 7000 yen to fix it; in the other they fixed it for free. (I'm
suspecting that that one was a software bug. In one case, it happened in
the middle of a phone call, so the phone was definitely not dropped,
exposed to water, or anything like that.)

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