(keitai-l) "i-mode Phones supporting HTML browser"

From: Kapil Sharma <kapes.endless_at_gmail.com>
Date: 06/15/05
Message-ID: <e4569d7f050614231124129d4c@mail.gmail.com>

Today, I just read an article about Nokia's developing a browser using
open source components and of it's series 60  mobiles using this KHTML
browser based on KDE open source project.

On the i-mode side as I know that mostly the browsers available are CHTML one.
and that aren't adding much functionality to these phones.

Are the phones available in the market which are supporting the CHTML
browser or japanese i-mode phone developers are moving towards such
Apple safari browsers.


Kapil Sharma
Received on Wed Jun 15 09:11:41 2005