(keitai-l) Re: On-line site for Nokia handsets

From: Arnold P. Siboro <asiboro_at_maltech.jp>
Date: 06/23/05
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What is a "good site" :-?
If Nokia 6650 is what you need, you can even buy from Nokia Japan's
online store at http://www.e-shopreg.com/shop/index.html (it's shameful
that the store no longer sells 7600, and never manage to sell the
Japanese Nokia 6630, stopped by Vodafone??)

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005 18:34:31 +0900
"Tracey Northcott" <tracey@enfour.com> wrote:

> Hi 
> I am looking for a good on-line store for Nokia english handsets - 3G.  I
> need some for development but I can't find a good site.  
> I don't need a carrier contract so realise I will have to pay an
> unsubsidised price.  
> Thanks,
> Tracey

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