(keitai-l) average game size

From: Benjamin Joffe <benjamin_at_newtgames.com>
Date: 06/27/05
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
I am trying to evaluate the size of the Japanese mobile game market.
I have a fairly good one for the number of downloads, but evaluating
what are the operators' revenues is much more difficult, as they do not
communicate about it.

Their revenues are basically
1) 9% to 12% of the content fee (depending on the operator)
2) data fees

The (1) is actually much lower than (2), but to evaluate (2) I need
to find out what would be the average size (in KB) of a game for, say,
This average size should reflect the fact that casual games like Tetris
are much more downloaded than big RPGs or 3D games.
I think a low-end game is today around 100KB (including scratchpad
during first start), while a large one would be ~300KB
Does 150KB sound reasonable as an average?
Any opinion welcome!

-- Independent Consultant
Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul
Received on Mon Jun 27 17:53:44 2005