(keitai-l) Re: Back buttons?

From: marcus saw <saw_marcus_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 08/02/05
Message-ID: <20050802145213.71051.qmail@web30702.mail.mud.yahoo.com>
Hi Reinoud,
All the phones have some key acting as a back-button when using the web services so you probably can do without putting the link on your pages.  However, the phone will cache the page itself so if your site relies on dynamic content you might have difficulties, also, I think it might be nice ( in my point of view ) to keep the back links to help guide people around your content.

Reinoud Bosman <Reinoud.Bosman@mediacatalyst.com> wrote:
I am designing an interface for a mobile website and came across a very
basic question. Do you need back-buttons on the pages?

The primary phones I'm designing for (Sony Ericsson) have a designated back
key on the key-pad. Do all phones have this? (I've also tested on Nokia,
which do have one) If so, I'm inclined to remove them because they're mostly
page-clutter and the back buttons on the phone work very well.

The only reason to keep them that I can think of is for 'flow-back', i.e. on
pages with multiple instances such as '1 of 5' but often the back buttons on
those pages can be replace by a buton with a more descriptive label.


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