(keitai-l) Mobile Executive Tour - Tokyo - Seoul - October 2005

From: Jan Michael Hess <jan_at_mobileeconomy.de>
Date: 08/23/05
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Dear keitai-l members,

this is a quick info that I will lead again a
group of mobile managers to Tokyo in the first
week of October. The second week of October we
will move on to Seoul.

Please get in touch with me off list if you
want more information regarding the Mobile
Executive Tour (MET).

MET website: www.mobileeconomy.de/met

Please let me also know if you have
some exciting new mobile service/content that you
would like to introduce to our group of managers.

I wish you a great reentry into mobile business
after your summer break.

Best from Berlin,


Jan Michael Hess
CEO, Mobile Economy
Mobile: +4917621208417

Mobile Executive Tour
Tokyo 3-7 Oct 2005
Seoul 10-14 Oct 2005
Received on Tue Aug 23 18:48:25 2005