(keitai-l) Re: Is methanol drinkable?

From: Arnold P. Siboro <asiboro_at_maltech.jp>
Date: 10/03/05
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I am only concerned about power when outside almost all day and keep
checking/writing mails. I somehow think that using the keys for extended
period consumes more power than bluetooth etc.

I am more interested in this:
http://www.splashpower.com/ (they're going to show off the product in
CEATEC this week)
How about keitai charging table at the restaurant, so your keitai will
be refreshed by the time you finish eating your lunch? And your felica
will be deducted for the power sucked by your keitai... 

On Mon, 3 Oct 2005 23:14:05 +0900
Nick May <nick@kyushu.com> wrote:

> It is slightly surprising they are going mainstream in keitai first -  
> one would have thought notebook computers would be an easier target  
> (being bigger) and where the demand would be. Apple would be an  
> obvious first customer.
> Is there much evidence that consumers are currently concerned about  
> battery times? I know bluetooth guzzles power...
> Or is it that there is a whole raft of tech in the wings that is too  
> hungry for power to be implemented with current batteries?
> In other words, is this primarily fixing a current problem, or is it  
> all about "new stuff"?
> Having google earth on a keitai would be fun, but would take some  
> horsepower.
> In fact, I am surprised Google have not done more with keitai - they  
> seem to be slowly sewing up the "desktop", despite the best efforts  
> of Microsoft - but for many people their keitai IS their "desktop".
> I suppose the AJAX powered stuff is so javascript heavy that it would  
> need more oomph than a keitai can provide. (For an example of just  
> how CPU intensive AJAX powered sites can be, play with  Zimbra  
> (http://zimbra.com/) for a while. (All good clean fun - but slows  
> Firefox 1.5  to a crawl).  It is also a different paradigm - they are  
> specializing in implementing the "desktop" on the web, which has no  
> direct application to keitai.
> Or maybe in the US keitai are always supplementary to desktops, and  
> google don't realise that what they do to put the desktop on the web  
> is just irrelevant to many users in Asia, for whom the keitai is the  
> primary means of access to web services.
> Nick
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