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From: Mike Sheetal <msheetal_at_cyber-media.co.jp>
Date: 10/24/05
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I am actually working on something myself here at CyberMedia after 
finding similar problems with accessing information sources that are 
updated regularly for Japanese handsets. I found WURFL a bit lacking in 
the Japanese information as well. Once we have got a working product we 
are considering opening it to the community if there are enough 
benefits (ie. community is interested enough to keep it updated etc).

anyone interested in being involved, please pop me a mail off-list ( 
msheetal@cyber-media.co.jp ) and I will let you know when we have 
something to show off. We are also looking at combining information on 
handsets outside Japan, so those elsewhere in the world developing for 
mobile also please let me know.
Chances are we will keep it relatively closed to those who are 
interested in contributing, but nothing is decided on that front yet.

I am also interested in any other products that people are working on 
if anyone has any leads. Especially if there are some Japan based 
systems that I have not been able to discover yet.

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On Oct 24, 2005, at 9:58 AM, dc wrote:

> Has anyone come across projects in japan for tracking phone
> capabilities? There are a couple of Perl projects out there, but 
> nothing
> with extensive dev caps database i have found. WURFL has next to no 
> info
> on japanese handsets. I'm specifically looking for user agents + flash
> capabilities...
> Also, on emoji: is there a good source of tables with human readable
> names? eg
> 	magnifier= 0131;
> 	hand=0132;
> etc
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