(keitai-l) Re: Yahoo Go for Series 60

From: Stephen Cheng <scheng_at_innaworks.com>
Date: 01/09/06
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Thomas made a good point regarding integration. The integrated functionality
is very difficult to do on most J2ME phones today. Nokia S40 v3 probably can
do it, but not many other Java phones would have the right API set to
support this kind of app.

On the other hand, limiting to Symbian seems to limit the market size in the
long run. Does anyone know market penetration for S60 today? I really can't
see how this Symbian-only approach makes sense for a consumer product. I
would look forward to see other versions for Moto, SE, Samsung, etc...

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> > http://go.connect.yahoo.com/go/mobile
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> Thomas Landspurg posted a short review at
> http://blog.landspurg.net/?p=35
> I'm interested in reading other reviews.
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