(keitai-l) Enhancing PC site viewer with bookmarklets

From: Andreas Bovens <abovens_at_gmail.com>
Date: 01/24/06
Message-ID: <8ba9930601241323h610920ack106caed97859a4f2@mail.gmail.com>
This post might be of interest to people using AU's "PC site viewer"

Recently, I upgraded to AU's W32T phone - it has Opera 7.6 included,
which is great, but apparently, AU (?) thought it was a good idea to
prevent people from copying or downloading the text and images they
see through their browsers - very annoying.

However, as Opera supports JavaScript, bookmarklets come to the rescue
I've listed the bookmarklets I use for copying and downloading content
at http://nipponkan.blogspot.com/2006/01/w32t-trickery-part-1-adding.html
. Feel free to have a look. Other PC site viewer targeted bookmarklets
can be found at http://www.ayati.com/kobako/bkmklt.htm

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