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From: Paul Lester <paul_at_thetamusic.com>
Date: 07/27/06
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"Arnold P. Siboro" wrote:

> My main language daily at work and at home is Japanese, and I am not
> even native English speaker, but I did not bother to look for Japanese
> version of Opera Mini, because the English one is good enough. It
> displays Japanese, why do I want more? You are acting as if you don't
> understand English menus.
> > >

You are correct.. sorry I have no interest in Opera... I was just talking about
poor multilingual web sites and phone sites..  I find the content of the different
languages is often different so I like to be able to read both.... before I was off topic...
now I'm really off topic..... (I do that a lot).  I didn't try Opera... I was just commenting
on poor web sites.
    (I'm just interested in the beeps and music phones play.... and funny animated
gifs I can make....you can do that in Java or BREW).
    The original poster seemed to have more difficulty than you did... Perhaps Opera
isn't detecting the KDDI headers properly...its awfully complex... I was working
on code to do that a few months ago....

> In terms of PDA smart phones, yes Japan is in dark ages. Coincidetally,
> most wifi phones are PDA smart phones. But this is going to change,
> thanks to the zero3, which now has 2 predecessors. We heard rumors that
> more are to come. Nevertheless the biggest market for cellulars in Japan
> is I believe in the young population, and they do not seem to be
> interested in technical terms like WiFi, Bluetooth, Sync, IrDa, blah
> blah, so unless operators find an interesting use of these that appeals to
> young population, we will still be in "dark ages" here.

    Yes... Japan as I see it has no interest in PDA smart phones... Japanese
regular phones act as a PDA so there is no need.  Both young and older
people use their phones as PDAs as is.  And my friends in Japan love their
Ir ports to exchange telephone numbers.... perhaps you have a different
circle of friends.  So I'm not sure if you are correct here.... its not so much
Japan in the dark ages, and Japan in the "Enlightenment" of Genius Phones,
and America in the "Romance" period of PDAs.  I love every country...
each country is cool in its own ways...

> >
> >     Many Japanese phones have stopped support for MIDP.  And many Occidental
> > phones are not using MIDP.  There's a BREW- Java war brewing.  The non-MIDP
> > phones use BREW mostly.  I'm rooting for MIDP, but the battles are fierce.
> >
> It seems that you are refering to au.
> Most if not all of Vodafone recent handsets support MIDP. Docomo/FOMA
> uses its own Java profile. I think Willcom handsets use MIDP (at least
> my zero3 does).

    Again you are correct... But the market share in Japan is controlled by AU and DoCoMo,
so the MIDP supporting phones are a minority (not insignificant but not huge compared
to the overall market)....
    Same in the US... the main provider is Verizon and they go for BREW not MIDP....
    So there is a lot of MIDP support but in the two markets I know best it has less penetration
than I would have liked.  (Like I said its like a war).

    Lets hope Willcom and Vodaphone eat some Market share... than we will both be happy!

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