(keitai-l) Re: 5000 yen discount from KDDI and various gripes

From: Greg Conquest (home) <conquest_at_spamcop.net>
Date: 09/05/06
Message-ID: <44FD8D28.9020306@spamcop.net>
Stuart Woodward wrote:

> And while I am griping, it annoys me that the only phone to offer
> Bluetooth is the Toshiba...

On vodafone, Toshiba has been the only one with bluetooth -- and 
Toshiba's interface is terrible. Sometimes I seem to have to press 
buttons three or four times to perform one action. My 2G Sharp (au) from 
three years ago had a much better interface than my 3G Toshiba. Is 
Toshiba's OS bad all across the three carriers?

I hope there are some other GPS/Bluetooth choices in November (my 
contract birthday).

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