(keitai-l) Re: [SPAM] Re: FOMA phones hacked?

From: Raphael Mazoyer <mazoye_at_wni.com>
Date: 09/16/06
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>     This is a bit offtopic and I see no relation to software radio and refurbishment.....

I guess Nick was referring to the phone network radio, rather than to 
a FM radio: the chip or piece of software that makes sense of the 
carrier's GSM/CDMA/... signal, to carry your calls.

If it's hardware (a DSP chip with the signal specs such as frequency 
and encoding hardwired into it), then the type of cell networks it 
can connect to are limited to just those it's designed to access.

If it's software making use of more generic radio hardware, then one 
should be able to reprogram it to connect to other networks than the 
original one.

I guess there could be some hardware radios that are actually limited 
by software, the way iPods are limited to only certain file formats 
while the hardware actually supports others. However, given a 
handset's space and power constraints, vs. the relative complexity of 
cell radio signal processing (hence price, power usage and space of 
the hardware), I suppose it's uncommon.



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