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Date: 09/17/06
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I'm often testing non-Japanese mobiles here and while you can throw a local SIM card in them OK, the tricky thing is getting the MMS and packet data settings. Vodasoft packet data settings are well known but they refuse to give up their MMS settings. Docomo support staff stated it was impossible (naughty) to use a non-Docomo mobile on their network and wouldn't give me settings for anything.


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On 2006/09/17, at 21:27, Nick May wrote:

> On 17 Sep 2006, at 19:25, Oliver Wittchow wrote:
>> Why not offer unlocked phones for foreigners

But NOKIA does sell unlocked NOKIA phones in Japan!
You can buy those - but they obviously are without any
operator subsidy, and you have to buy a DoCoMo or
SoftBank SIM card separately. There is no problem to do this.


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