(keitai-l) Re: [SPAM] Re: FOMA phones hacked?

From: Jonas Petersson <jonas_at_petersson.se>
Date: 09/20/06
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

My experience:

Arnold P. Siboro wrote:
> *)Completely changing the firmware to foreign ones (like writing 6630
> firmware to 702NK) will of course remove the sim lock, but it's not easy
> and expensive. 

I guess that depends heavily on the tools that you have access to. I
know a pretty friendly Nokia repairman and he has replaced firmwares on
S60 models while I've waited (~10 minutes). Replacing firmwares on S80
models takes a bit longer (~30 minutes to an hour), but only because he
seldom uses the (Windows) tool and hence usually need to install the
software on the PC first - that is: upgrading two S80 takes no longer
than upgrading one...

I have noted that when pushed he HAS access to a lot more firmwares than
he can officially admit: We often have preprelease phones on loan from
Nokia which occasionally have mismatched (and unreleased) firmwares
which has caused him some confusion (a straight upgrade would give us
say Norwegian interface, but when we point this out we can get Swedish

So I'd say it actually pretty easy to do (when you have the right
contacts) and in my experience it can be done for free as long as you
can point out something that is broken in old firmware during the first
year since purchase.

				YMMV / Jonas

BTW: IMHO, the 6630 model _really_ sucks - not least the battery time,
but also since it knows ONLY 3G for data.
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