(keitai-l) Re: SoftBank X01HT

From: <martyn_williams_at_idg.com>
Date: 11/24/06
Message-ID: <OFBE3057FE.F856D26E-ON49257230.002C174A-49257230.002CACFB@ipsidg.com>

A couple of questions:

1) Did you get MMS working with those setting floating around on the Web
(the "qceffknarl...." ones)? I've struggled with a Sony Ericsson W900 to
get it working and never did, so I gave up thinking something is missing in
the settings. All I got was the notification to come to the phone but the
phone could not manually or automatically get the message. Some of the time
do you actually get the whole message?

2) Do you know if anyone has played around with the open.softbank.ne.jp
connection. It seems that's the one used to route the regular Internet
traffic from the PDA. I think I read that Softbank removed some modem
functionality from the PDA to stop that connection being used by laptop
owners routing stuff through the PDA but I wonder .... if you have the
subscription on your account but put your SIM card and those network
connection settings into a different Softbank cell phone with modem
support, could you surf from your PC at flat rate? Basically, I'm wondering
if the only thing stopping PC use of the connection is the hobbled software
in the X01HT.


keitai-l-bounce@appelsiini.net wrote on 11/23/2006 13:44:08:

> > MMS client: http://hn801.hkes.com/Data/Dark/MMS_Composer_Z_V30.zip
> This still has a problem in that about half the time, when I get an MMS
> I get the message "The Message Notification could not be decoded" or
> something like that.  I've searched through all the forums and all the
> wikis, but still nobody has come up with a fix for this.
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