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From: I Eriks <i.eriks_at_gmail.com>
Date: 12/13/06
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It seems likely that the iPhone release will be carrier independent in the US -

Mainly because the copyright/licensing laws recently (November)
exempted mobile devices. (ie- unlocking and switching to another
carrier is authorized by the DMCA) Also because it would be better
marketing strategy.

Also, because it will be the easisest way for them to exert their
influence on the content/experience layer beyond the telephony bits...
(.Mac integration, ala Yahoo2Go, iLife Mobile, etc.)

I wouldnt rule out some limited partnerships with Cingular/ATT as in
the past with ROKRs, tho....

It'll be an interesting Q1.


On 12/12/06, Kyle Barrow <kyle@pukupi.com> wrote:
> Given an iTMS powered iPhone could circumvent carrier's data revenue,
> I think IF it comes out, it will either be sold carrier-free or tied
> with a carrier that can provide access to mobile iTMS. A Docomo/Apple
> deal would be too much of a clash of the control freaks so I suspect
> anything that would come out in Japan would be through Softbank.
> Kyle
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> On Dec 06, 2006, at 14:07, Nick May wrote:
> > Should there be an iPhone release in January, any thoughts on which
> > of the JP carriers would introduce it here?
> >
> > If (as has been suggested) the first iteration will basically be an
> > iPod nano with phone functionality  - (not the other way around....)
> > will this allow carriers to sell the phone at close to cost, without
> > a large subsidy - on the basis that people have shown themselves
> > quite willing to purchase their nano's for hefty sums.
> >
> > Nick
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